Gary Belles

Come see the unraveling of the Department’s case: The burden is on the Department to establish & uphold by clear, convincing & unequivocal evidence their charge of removability (deportation) that Zahid materially benefited from the alleged check mark. There’s no material benefit to Zahid (even from alleged check mark) for a non-paid, volunteer position where Zahid was giving away his precious time, effort, blood, sweat & hard work for free !


SEE THE INFAMOUS REFERENCED “QUESTION”HERE  – which is Department’s idiotic reason for this deportation proceeding.

1- See for yourself the Forensic Document Expert & Examiner’s conclusion in paragraph #8 : Mr. Chaudhry is not the maker of the mark.

2- Chaudhry’s marks on the pages were neat “x’s”, not “check marks.”

3- The Department’s twisted rationale & diabolical interpretation is that by checking the box, Mr. Chaudhry has claimed citizenship. Really ??

4- In Mr. Gary Belles’ deposition, he admitted that he perpetrated a ruse on Zahid by bringing Zahid in for a Secondary Interview, when months prior, Belles had already decided not to hire Zahid for the volunteer, unpaid position.

5-And Mr. Belles went around agitating & inciting and creating xenophobia in fringe groups (including, but not limited to: county militia, anti-immigration & anti-minority groups, etc.) wanting ‘kudos’ & ‘pats on the back,’ telling them he was the one who went out of his way to make sure Chaudhry wouldn’t have any future in any city or county jobs, even volunteer, unpaid ones.

6- That was the reason why, when the Commander of County Militia & others were going to testify in Federal Court to what Mr. Belles had said in those meetings, immigration service choked those testimonies with Summary Judgment Motion & quashed the case. So the case, which had been scheduled for over a year, that was to be heard over a whole week in Federal District Court in Yakima didn’t happen.

7- Also in Mr. Belles’ deposition, Belles further admitted he had made many marks on Zahid’s application and personal history statement; he also indicated that “citizenship” was not a normal question in interview for this volunteer, unpaid position. So why was it asked? Could Belles have marked that box along with the other markings he’d admitted he’d made?

8- Interesting enough, neither did two other YPD employees mention ‘citizenship’ question during interview or even in their notes !

9- What if, when personal history statement left your hand, the “yes” AND “no” boxes were unmarked ?

10- Even if you selected the “yes” box to this question, would you be claiming citizenship? Or, by selecting “yes,” would you merely be indicating that you would co-operate in future when asked ?

11- Besides (just for argument’s sake) even if there is a check mark it does not meet the Department’s burden to establish their charge of removability by clear, convincing unequivocal evidence & proof that Mr. Chaudhry was going to materially benefit from a volunteer, unpaid position.



Background on government’s Star Witness

For all concerned with Police Accountability, Police Brutality and Stringent Public Checks & Balances on illegal police behavior.

It’s interesting to see strange-bedfellows: like extremist, bigot,  fanatical, xenophobic, racist, classicist, sexist, anti-government ideology of someone like Gary Belles with pronounced hatred for government, is scheduled to be the government’s star witness – if he shows up this time.

Gary Belles has wasted so many years, courts resources, time & taxpayers’ precious money by not appearing at his scheduled court dates in this court.

The government’s star witness at upcoming immigration court hearing (October 20, 2014 – See UPDATES page), Gary Belles, formerly of Yakima Police Department has a long track record of being in media for racist actions & comments while on duty & in uniform; was investigated numerous times by the city and City of Yakima wasted well over $1.5 million of taxpayers money defending Belles.  Findings from an investigation into racial slurs by Washington State Patrol was not released in Yakima.  Since knowing the unsugar-coated actions & words of Gary Belles might not be good for peoples’ blood pressure & health, read (toned down/sugar coated) media/newspaper articles here:

Probe Into Alleged Slurs Yields Report

Fired Officer levels Racism Charge

Key Figure Disparaging Minorities, Hispanics, Japanese, etc.

Officer Supports Claim He Endured Racist Remarks

Citizen Committee Pushes City to Action for Police Supervisor Remarks


Justice 4 Chaudhry Campaign Committee


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