Keep Zahid Home Rally & Vigil in Seattle

Keep Zahid Home Rally & Vigil in Seattle:

March 12, 2018 Noon to 12:40 pm

1000 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA in front of Immigration ‘court’ building.

Hearing promptly at 1:00 pm, 25th floor.

Corner of 2nd and Spring Aves. (Not Federal Courthouse)

Olympia/Lacey area Car/Van-pool from Martin Way Park & Ride: 4701 Martin Way, Lacey, near exit 109 / I-5 on-ramp; load up vehicles and leave Park & Ride about 10 am.

Previous “final” hearings ended up not being final: this one is expected to REALLY be the last one. The judge indicated (in November) he was ready to make his decision contingent on outcome of background checks. The government attorney had said (November 7th 2017) that he didn’t have the background check results yet; he expected them “imminently” – just waiting for the phone call. However, when pressed by the judge, said he expected the results for sure by that Friday (11/10/2017). The judge said he wasn’t going to make Chaudhrys, community at large and so many supporters come back a second time in the same week!
The background checks were not completed until about the second week of January!

We look forward to your presence, support & solidarity for this final [immigration] hearing !
1000 2nd Ave, Suite 2500, Seattle, WA; hearing at 1 pm.

To read more on this many, many years long immigration case, please check all the different tabs on this website.

Bring as little as possible so that everyone can quickly get through security screening. Bring photo I.D., just in case it is required this year.

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Not So “FINAL” Final final Hearing

Another monkey-wrench from ICE attorney delays “final” FINAL decision again and clearly shows waste, fraud and abuse of “We the People’s” taxpayer dollars.

Are ICE attorneys creating work for themselves? Are ICE attorneys worried about being out of work?

July 17th, 2017 was supposed to be final hearing, but ICE attorneys (Yes, attorneys plural, since ICE attorneys are over generously funded and getting paid by “We the People’s money”, ICE always in this case had more than one attorney) threw monkey wrenches, lengthened and stretched out the frivolous & irrelevant questioning so that others would not have any time left that day to provide supporting testimony.

Then October 16th was final hearing, ICE attorneys threw other monkey wrenches to stop the judge from giving a decision.

Then it was supposed to be the final, FINAL hearing at 8:30 am (meaning people had to get up at 4am to make the very long drive through very bad traffic and parking problems), November 7th (2017) and the Judge would make his decision known. But wait, even though ICE attorney (Mr. Bakkon) stated on the record that Mr Chaudhry has ‘perfected’ his forms & claims several weeks ago, and Bakkon admitted that he can see it in the system, he was still waiting for a report. Gallery audience & spectators were shocked. Judge saw the faces of spectators and rushed out of the room saying he will get everyone out and clear the court room. Then Security guards came into the room & told everyone to get out of the court.

After the spectators were all removed from the courtroom, the Judge came back in & Re-started the proceedings to hear ICE attorneys’ excuses. Judge told the ICE Attorneys (senior Counsel Mr Bakkon & Mr. Brent Campbell) that he might just give his decision contingent upon receiving the report. Judge told & reminded the ICE attorneys AGAIN that Mr Chaudhry is in wheelchair and it is not easy for Chaudhrys to make arrangements & make this long journey again & again, in addition to that Mr Chaudhry has an entourage of people with him who come from near & far & who have to take time-off from the busy lives and work. Judge also said, If you (ICE attorneys) were not ready, your could have informed all the parties several days ago and so many people would not have to make this trip.

Common courtesy might have urged Bakkon to contact all the parties (judge, Chaudhry & their attorney) even last week (since the judge gave ICE attorneys nearly a month when they asked for a week to finish their work back in October hearing) to say that they would not be ready for the hearing on the 7th of November. Judge had to specifically and repeatedly ask ICE attorneys by what date would they have completed their side of work. Bakkon could not indicate to Judge when Bakkon expected completion, perhaps by Friday this week? Judge said he is not getting Chaudhrys here again this week or the next week so that you (ICE attorneys) can repeat your excuses again !

Then ICE attorneys said maybe in some longer frame of times to be sure? Or hopefully in a month?
Judge really had enough of ICE attorneys unacceptable behavior and delays by this time and started looking for available dates on his calendar for this matter’s final decision.

Result: Delays once again “CAUSED by” ICE attorneys.

Now “final” hearing is moved to 1 pm, March 12, 2018 (just to make sure ICE attorneys have enough time) !

Even though the court room was cleared of all supporters, there’s no fooling the taxpayers. This is WASTE, Fraud and ABUSE of generously provided “We the People’s” taxpayers dollars by ICE attorneys.

Yet another text book example of “DDD – Delay, Deny & Deport” behavior from secret CARRP policy manual !

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Final Court Hearing

October, 2017


Thanks to the great supporters who actually, really & meaningfully showed care by their actions; who gathered for rally and spoke from their hearts.
Many Thanks to drivers for transporting many from Olympia area to Seattle and safely back.
Many Thanks to those from Seattle and those who traveled from other areas, States and Countries who joined rally & courtroom support.
Many Thanks also to those unable to attend, but holding all in prayer and as Quakers say: “in the light”.
Many Thanks to those who wrote support letters.



1000 2nd Ave, Suite 2500, Seattle

Remember, this IS NOT the Federal court building. The court room is a Public venue in a private building. This building houses both the Chaudhrys’ attorney office, and the ICE offices, in addition to the “administrative/executive” courtrooms (25th floor) for Department of Homeland Security. (And recall, “Department of Homeland Security” did not exist until after 9/11.)

Additional updates are forthcoming on both websites: and

To see & read more, especially read new information on “CARRP” and “UPDATES” tabs on both websites.

Keep your calendars marked for November 7th, 2017 – 8:30 am. 1000 2nd Ave, Suite 2500, Seattle.

ICE does not want folks witnessing, that way they can not get away with anything they want !


Chaudhry Final Immigration Hearing in Seattle!  October 16, 2017

In July, Judge deFonzo indicated this October hearing would be the final hearing and he would make a decision.

Rally & Support: 12:00 – 12:45 pm 1000 2nd Ave, Seattle
Courtroom: 1 pm   Suite 2500 (25th floor)

We look forward to seeing YOU at this final Rally and to Join us for Support, noon to 12:45 pm on October 16, 2017 at
1000 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98104 (corner of Spring & 2nd Avs) in front of building.
Courtroom: Upstairs in Suite 2500  You will need time to go through security at court area.  Court starts promptly at 1 pm.

Olympia/Lacey area: Meet up at Martin Way Park & Ride near exit 109 no later than 9:50 a.m.  Van and car pools leave from 4701 Martin Way E. Lacey, WA 98516 promptly at 10 am.  If you plan to catch a ride in the van, please do not wear cologne, perfume, heavy-scented lotions.

Your support and solidarity for this nearly 15 year heroic challenge for expedited, qualified naturalization is greatly appreciated!

Thank you to everyone who wrote letters of support for the July hearing and we thank those who have written additional letters of support further exposing CARRP.  (Controlled Application Review & Resolution Program)
The previously secret CARRP,  USCIS’ illegal/un-Constitutional, immoral and unethical policy which predominantly targets those aspiring Americans who may be Muslim, perceived to be Muslim, who come from perceived predominantly Muslim countries, who may have technical and/or multiple language skills, who may show leadership qualities, or may have contributed to a charity that was later deemed (by US) to have provided support to terrorist organizations, or even if the applicant has traveled through areas of known terrorist activity. 

For more on CARRP, please check out the newly launched CARRP tab:  CARRP

and watch to learn about USCIS’ illegal, immoral, unethical, & previously secret Controlled Application Review & Resolution Program (CARRP) – also called by ACLU and known as “Muslims Need Not Apply” – see Ann’s presentation on CARRP at:

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Muhammad Zahid Chaudhry is a decorated, disabled U.S. Army veteran who sustained injuries in the military that have left him in a wheelchair. Despite his honorable military service and despite being married to a US citizen for over 16 years, Chaudhry family, friends and concerned citizens of the World are standing in solidarity and bearing witness for Zahid’s right to remain home.

Zahid’s Undeniable Facts:

1. Zahid has always come to the U.S. legally in good faith.

2. Zahid has not broken any U.S. laws, not even a minor conviction.

3. Zahid served honorably in the U.S. Army as evidenced by his two Honorable discharge certificates.

4. And let’s not “selectively forget” Zahid’s Reserve Achievement Medal.

5. Zahid earned the National Defense Service Medal.

6. Zahid earned the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal.

7. Zahid earned the Armed Forces Reserve Medal.

8. Zahid earned the United States Army Service Ribbon.

9. Zahid earned the Recruitment Achievement Medal.

10. Zahid earned the Army Strength Management Award; just to name some.

11. Zahid was encouraged time after time that volunteering for extra duty and going above and beyond the call of duty would be well rewarded. Zahid did lots of extra duty, volunteering for holiday duty and nights and weekends time and again, and giving much more than required or expected and was highly encouraged in everything he did. There were numerous incidences where Zahid had been told by cadre and officials he had earned medals, achievement awards and recognitions and those would be awarded to him, but at the very last moment some “convenient glitch” happened and they were not given to him. One example of this was when his platoon and other platoons were shocked to find out that Zahid was not awarded the Army Achievement Medal which was well-known and announced in the weeks prior, and when the soldiers asked the officials after the ceremony as to why, the soldiers were given the answer: “because they ran out of paper.” It was very hard for the soldiers to believe since they did not “run out of paper” for other soldiers who had put in a lot less hard work, sweat and blood.

12. During his dedicated & honorable service in the US Army, Zahid volunteered for extra duty & went above & beyond the call of duty: like in Ft. Sam, Texas he was simultaneously the Platoon Sergeant (Soldiering side; not only responsible for his 4 squad leaders, but also their soldiers as well).

13. Zahid also served as Class Leader (Academic side).

14. Zahid also served as Bay Sergeant (responsible for Housing, Accommodations & Facilities side).

15. Zahid also served as Drill Team Leader.

16. Zahid offered his body to the combat medics & military medical professionals many times to learn their skills & save lives. Zahid’s wife, Ann, remembers well that at times Zahid came home with his undershirt soaked with blood and both arms bloodied & bruised, and she asked what happened? Zahid would say, “Oh, medics needed some practice”.

17. Zahid has already qualified for expedited citizenship based on Qualified Military service, which is expedited even for those people who came here illegally & have broken US laws as evidenced by Tacoma News Tribune article dated Feb 12, 2004 ‘From illegal immigrant to U.S. soldier to citizen’. Why has Zahid been singled out, held to different standards, and not been given his earned (as people all over the world have proclaimed) citizenship?

18. Even the U.S. government admits that Zahid meets all the requirements for naturalization as a military veteran with the exception of doubt (how arbitrary, different-standard, malicious and convenient of them; please read facts #40 & #41 to understand this double-standard, hateful and delaying tactics on their part) about good moral character.

19. Zahid also qualified for citizenship based on married to U.S. citizen: Zahid and Ann have been married over 17 years.

20. Zahid qualified for citizenship on additional basis as well.

21. Zahid has given thousands of unpaid volunteer hours in service to community, including but not limited to: Fire Department (carrying pager 24/7 and responding to fire emergencies at all hours of the day and night).

22. Zahid also volunteered with the American Red Cross (general volunteer and also Youth Coordinator).

23. Zahid also volunteered for Habitat for Humanity.

24. Zahid helped out stranded people on the roads and highways.

25. Zahid has helped the elderly with their chores and giving them company.

26. Zahid has helped build community gardens.

27. Zahid has assisted seniors with shopping and taking them to appointments.

28. Zahid has helped with repairing and donating gardening tools.

29. Zahid volunteered with car & van pools and was designated driver.

30. Zahid helped out displaced people and refugees.

31. Zahid volunteered at Native American organizations and schools, motivated & inspired Native American students.

32. Zahid volunteered all day at spaghetti feeds to raise funds for children’s charities and raise awareness of public safety issues; just to name a few !

33. Zahid has never struck anyone; he didn’t rape anyone; he hasn’t killed anyone; he’s never stolen anyone’s money, and he hasn’t hurt anyone !

34. Zahid gave money, hard work, time & efforts; he’s fed people; he’s helped people at their utmost time of need; and he was not afraid to speak for the goodwill of the U.S.A. here and abroad.

35. Zahid has given of his blood (yes, he used to donate a lot of blood), sweat &hard work at every military facility he was at; and additionally in dedicated service to our state and country.

36. Even U.S.C.I.S. very senior officer for 30 years stated: “…highly recommend that his [Zahid’s] application for citizenship be granted.”

37. Military officials have said:

a. “To deny Zahid citizenship would be a crime.”

b. “… it is embarrassing and potentially fraudulent if the US government FAILS to grant Zahid citizenship when he has risked his life in service to the U.S.”

38. “No country can ask for more in a candidate for citizenship,” as people have said, documented, written and reminded again and again.

39. This honorable disabled American family has paid fees (even when they weren’t required, like for Military N400) and filled out complex, confusing & complicated forms to the best of their abilities.

40. So all the great things Zahid has done all his life does not get to define his “good moral character” , but some incident in a different country on a different continent on the other side of the world over 22 years ago in which he actually was the only victim, is taken out of context, reported inaccurately, selectively spun in arbitrary direction with prejudice, frivolous & inadmissible (according to the laws & rules of evidence), has no relevancy & out of jurisdiction gets to define Zahid’s character?

41. If this case & all the related incidents (not to forget all too many non related events) of discrimination, prejudice and outright hatred that this honorable disabled American family has gravely suffered, particularly since 9/11, is not proof to the world of bigotry, racism, intolerance, Islamophobia & double standards, what else would be?

42. Zahid has spread US goodwill and tried his best in being a goodwill ambassador of America in Europe & Asia. Zahid’s wife, Ann, can attest to numerous examples of this in Europe.

43. Whether it be on stage in front of thousands of people supporting moderate & sensible candidates in National elections in Pakistan many years ago, or mitigating individual concerns & bad feelings of German public & officials towards the United States, Zahid has been there to build bridges.

44. Before the recording of the July 2010 deposition of Zahid started, why did the dominating and oppressing defending counsel (at that time Asst. US Attorney General for WA, Frank Wilson) make derogatory & insulting comments about all women in general? Was the coercing defending counsel attempting to instigate Zahid to agree with the oppressor (Asst. US Attorney General for WA, Frank Wilson) and then use those comments out of context during the interview to assassinate Zahid’s character, as they have persistently and unsuccessfully attempted to do throughout?

45. At the beginning of the July 2010 deposition of Zahid, what was the intentional purpose of defending counsel (Asst. US Attorney General for WA, Frank Wilson) putting his feet on the table right in Zahid’s face? Was Frank Wilson trying to trigger something by that despicable cultural insult?

46. What was the intentional purpose of the dominating defending counsel (Asst. US Attorney General for WA, Frank Wilson) in forcing Zahid to remove his protective eye-wear when counsel knew in advance, and were also reminded by Zahid and his attorney, about sensitivity to light?

47. What was the sinister motive of the defending counsel’s (Asst. US Attorney General for WA, Frank Wilson) intentional bullying attitude of yelling and screaming and banging fists on the table and files during that deposition, when defending counsel knew well that Zahid has sensitivity to sound?

48. Why did the defending counsel (Asst. US Attorney General for WA, Frank Wilson) lose control intentionally when Zahid had to take his prescribed pain medications, etc. during his deposition? What was Frank Wilson trying to achieve with all that drama?

49. During Mrs. Chaudhry’s July 2010 deposition for so many hours when Mrs. Chaudhry broke down and cried at numerous occasions due to the intentional and well-thought out verbal torture and mind games, why was the defending counsel behaving in that merciless and atrocious manner?

50. Why, during Mrs. Chaudhry’s July 2010 deposition, did defending counsel, Frank Wilson, intentionally make such a nuisance of himself, by making disrupting, distracting noises by loudly banging papers, files, boxes and himself around?

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Protect Honorable, Decorated, Disabled American Veteran From Harassment, Threats & Intimidation!


A system that hounds, harasses, intimidated & threatens Honorable, decorated, disabled American Veteran to separate him from his family, friends, community and the country that he loves
is truly un-American !

End the unconstitutional CARRP policy which delays, denies and looks for reasons to deport rightful naturalization applicants from Muslim or perceived-to-be Muslim communities. See the reports, watch the videos – check out the NEWS tab of this website for information on CARRP – “Muslims Need Not Apply” – then, write to your Congressional leaders for their support to end this illegal, unethical, immoral and unconstitutional policy.

The below “Participate” action is temporarily inactive. This action automatically sent 4 free faxes to two American Federal Senators (Washington State), the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and the Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement asking them to do all they can to Keep Zahid Home.
We thank those who participated in this action. AmericasVoice may soon re-activate this action and we will notify our websites visitors to join in and participate.

Send a free fax now. Click ‘participate’ to get started. Ask Washington Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell; Janet Napolitano, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security; and John Morton, Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to do all they can to keep Zahid home—in the country he loves and has served: in the U.S. Army and as an unpaid volunteer with the American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, and the Fire Department (where he carried a pager and responded to emergencies 24/7) — with his wife and his family, friends, neighbors and fellow veterans and soldiers.
Update from Justice4Chaudhry campaign committee:
UPDATE AS OF OCTOBER 18, 2011: Nothing further has been heard from either Senator Cantwell’s or Senator Murray’s offices…

Lip service at its best.


April 1, 2011 from Chaudhry family: Senator Maria Cantwell’s Washington, D.C. office & Seattle office just had a conference call with the Chaudhrys & they are very hopeful that it will get resolved soon to Chaudhry family’s satisfaction. Thank you Chris in Seattle office & Claire in Washington, D.C. office!! May we all have a great weekend.


Update from Justice4Chaudhry campaign committee:
Senator Maria Cantwell gave all the people present her personal commitment and said “Let’s work on this in earnest & get this matter resolved.” Then she said,”It is between David & Goliath, and I’m on David’s side,” as she pointed to Zahid.

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