Government’s Chief ICE attorney charged with stealing immigrants’ identities; privately profitting from causing suffering & tearing apart families and communities !
News reports reveal that among other examples, this is
yet another Seattle ICE attorney charged in last few years, shows a Toxic Culture at Seattle ICE Offices, of personal Bias, Prejudice, Bigotry, Hatred & Malicious Acts !

Several nation-wide news agencies reported February 14th, 2018 about Government Chief ICE attorney in Seattle, Rafael A. Sanchez, charged with stealing immigrants’ identities. Check out Democracy Now, BuzzFeed, SeattlePI, Seattle Weekly, CNN, CNBC, AP and Washington Post among others – some links below.

As many of you may have read and heard, Government’s Chief ICE Attorney in Seattle was charged with stealing immigrants’ identities while making a killing (in more ways than one) from peoples’ suffering.  This attorney earns 6 figure salary ($160,000) yet the identities of at least 7 immigrants were used by Government’s Chief Enforcer to fraud around 9 banks for about $250,000, put his own home utilities in those immigrants’ names, even listed 3 (of the 7 immigrants) as Dependants on his personal Federal income tax return to lower his Federal Income taxes.   How would those immigrants even know their IDs had been stolen and used (by the ICE Agents) after they were deported?

And as many of you also know, had this been perpetrated by “Susie or Stevie Citizen,” the prosecution and charging would have been astronomical. However, Government’s Chief ICE attorney’s court charging document is called an “information”, meaning a plea bargain (no grand jury inquiry, and maybe a slap on the wrist).

Sanchez is the second lawyer in ICE’s Seattle office to run into legal trouble in recent years. Former Deputy Chief Attorney Jonathan Love pleaded guilty in 2016 to charges that he forged documents & forms (in the name of the immigrant) AND lied to court again & again to deprive an immigrant of the legal permanent resident status to which the immigrant was statutorily qualified !

Jonathan Love carried out the same shenanigans, & misled court in Zahid’s persecution:  An applicant, statutorily eligible, is put in deportation proceedings because of a “check” mark, (on an un-paid, volunteer police position application – therefore: NO material BENEFIT); which forensics examiner said Zahid was not the maker of the mark.  Deputy Chief attorney, Jonathan Love took Extra-Ordinary & Highly Unusual interest & witch hunt against Zahid for years.   Chaudhrys’ attorney was shocked to see Jonathan Love at Zahid’s hearings and taking such intense, Unusual & personal interest in Zahid.

In January 2016, Deputy Chief Attorney, Jonathan Love was sentenced for forging legal  (immigration) documents, and lying to court again & again to deliberatly deport an immigrant who was statutorily eligible and qualified.  Jonathan Love pled guilty on a plea agreement (once again: “information”) with federal prosecutors.  Mr. Love, who resigned in January 2016, received 30 day jail sentence, and was barred from practicing law for (only) 10 years.  Scroll down for links to Jonathan Love news reports.

Given the convictions, actions & admittance of Mr. Love (the very same one who personally persecuted Zahid), the public should easily see Mr. Love’s (Government’s Deputy Chief ICE attorney)’s bias, prejudice, illegal acts, lies, forgeries, bigotry and hatred !

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Read US Department of State’s Human Rights Reports on Pakistan released March 2017 click Report

This report does not include what is likely to happen to disabled, Honorably Discharged, former American soldier (Zahid Chaudhry) and his white American wife, should Zahid & Ann be deported after the real, final hearing.  (Which may be March 2018 – unless further waste, fraud & abuse of “We the Peoples'” taxes.  See HOME page for news on upcoming March 12, 2018 hearing and last November 7th, 2017 “final” hearing.)


As broadcast on TV in Washington, USA

and Watched Worldwide !!!

See: Ann Chaudhry’s presentation on CARRP*

“Muslims Need Not Apply”

*Orwellian Double-Speak: CARRP=Controlled Application Review & Resolution Program

For all intents & purposes: “Muslims Need Not Apply”

Read the “Muslims Need Not Apply” reports and articles linked below about previously-secret, racial & religious profiling  and mandatory discrimination program CARRP (Controlled Application Review &  Resolution Program) detailing how DHS, through CARRP, unconstitutionally delays and eventually denies basic human rights & due process, including naturalization of eligible individuals from Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim, and South Asian communities. This secret program was recently exposed by Peoples’ rights organizations and true investigative journalists all over the world !

The program relies on deeply flawed mechanisms, including error-ridden & over-broad watch-list systems, security checks, religious, national origin & associated profiling; which, predictably catches far too many harmless applicants in its net and overwhelmingly affects applicants who are Muslim or perceived-to-be Muslim.

“CARRP effectively turns over the immigration rights application process to the FBI (and other agencies), allowing them to dictate to USCIS when or whether an application should be granted, denied, or held in abeyance. It also provides the FBI an opportunity to comment on USCIS’s proposed decisions in immigration cases, to submit questions for USCIS to ask in interviews, and to suggest Requests for Evidence that USCIS should make to applicants.

CARRP requires USCIS officers to inform the FBI or other relevant law enforcement agencies as soon as an applicant it has labeled an “NS” (National Security concern) has filed an immigration application. As a result, far too often, the FBI exploits this information to blackmail applicants to work for them as informants, telling applicants that the FBI can help them get their long-delayed immigration application adjudicated and approved if they agree to snitch on their communities. (See ACLU report)

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CARRP: Controlled Application Review and Resolution Program. Of course, in the Orwellian double-speak: that means delaying, denying and refusing rightful applicants for citizenship based on whim of racial, religious, peace & justice friends profiling.


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