Final Court Hearing

October, 2017


Thanks to the great supporters who actually, really & meaningfully showed care by their actions; who gathered for rally and spoke from their hearts.
Many Thanks to drivers for transporting many from Olympia area to Seattle and safely back.
Many Thanks to those from Seattle and those who traveled from other areas, States and Countries who joined rally & courtroom support.
Many Thanks also to those unable to attend, but holding all in prayer and as Quakers say: “in the light”.
Many Thanks to those who wrote support letters.



1000 2nd Ave, Suite 2500, Seattle

Remember, this IS NOT the Federal court building. The court room is a Public venue in a private building. This building houses both the Chaudhrys’ attorney office, and the ICE offices, in addition to the “administrative/executive” courtrooms (25th floor) for Department of Homeland Security. (And recall, “Department of Homeland Security” did not exist until after 9/11.)

Additional updates are forthcoming on both websites: and

To see & read more, especially read new information on “CARRP” and “UPDATES” tabs on both websites.

Keep your calendars marked for November 7th, 2017 – 8:30 am. 1000 2nd Ave, Suite 2500, Seattle.

ICE does not want folks witnessing, that way they can not get away with anything they want !


Chaudhry Final Immigration Hearing in Seattle!  October 16, 2017

In July, Judge deFonzo indicated this October hearing would be the final hearing and he would make a decision.

Rally & Support: 12:00 – 12:45 pm 1000 2nd Ave, Seattle
Courtroom: 1 pm   Suite 2500 (25th floor)

We look forward to seeing YOU at this final Rally and to Join us for Support, noon to 12:45 pm on October 16, 2017 at
1000 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98104 (corner of Spring & 2nd Avs) in front of building.
Courtroom: Upstairs in Suite 2500  You will need time to go through security at court area.  Court starts promptly at 1 pm.

Olympia/Lacey area: Meet up at Martin Way Park & Ride near exit 109 no later than 9:50 a.m.  Van and car pools leave from 4701 Martin Way E. Lacey, WA 98516 promptly at 10 am.  If you plan to catch a ride in the van, please do not wear cologne, perfume, heavy-scented lotions.

Your support and solidarity for this nearly 15 year heroic challenge for expedited, qualified naturalization is greatly appreciated!

Thank you to everyone who wrote letters of support for the July hearing and we thank those who have written additional letters of support further exposing CARRP.  (Controlled Application Review & Resolution Program)
The previously secret CARRP,  USCIS’ illegal/un-Constitutional, immoral and unethical policy which predominantly targets those aspiring Americans who may be Muslim, perceived to be Muslim, who come from perceived predominantly Muslim countries, who may have technical and/or multiple language skills, who may show leadership qualities, or may have contributed to a charity that was later deemed (by US) to have provided support to terrorist organizations, or even if the applicant has traveled through areas of known terrorist activity. 

For more on CARRP, please check out the newly launched CARRP tab:  CARRP

and watch to learn about USCIS’ illegal, immoral, unethical, & previously secret Controlled Application Review & Resolution Program (CARRP) – also called by ACLU and known as “Muslims Need Not Apply” – see Ann’s presentation on CARRP at:

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